House Merlot$5.00/Gls$16.00/Btl
House Chianti$6.00/Gls$19.00/Btl
House Cabernet$5.00/Gls$16.00/Btl
House White Zinfandel$5.00/Gls$16.00/Btl
House Chardonnay$5.00/Gls$16.00/Btl
House Pinot Grigio$5.00/Gls$16.00/Btl
Villa Rocca Pinot Grigio—Veneto, IT $6.00/Gls$24.00/Btl
A classic pinot grigio with citrus and mineral notes
Augusto Antonin Chardonnay—Burgundy, FR $6.50/Gls$26.00/Btl
Soft, light tropical fruits while having a beautiful texture
Lustig Gruner Veltliner—Austria (1L Btl)$7.50/Gls$30.00/Btl
A refreshing, citrusy white wine that goes with light appetizers and vegies
Seven Hills Columbia Valley Riesling— Walla Walla, WA $29.00/Btl
Biggio Hamina Pinot Grigio—Willamette, OR $33.00/Btl
Geografico Chianti "Colli Senesi" — Tuscany, IT $7.00/Gls$28.00/Btl
A classic style with elegance. "The" chianti's chianti!
Paul Bouchard Cotes du Rhone—Rhone, FR$7.50/Gls$30.00/Btl
Soft, fruit driven red that is perfect for everything from pizza to softer meats
Fabre Montmayou Reserva Malbec—Mendoza, Arg.$8.50/Gls$34.00/Btl
A rich, full-bodied red that goes with all of your hearty meat dishes
Villa Rocca Montepulciano—Abbruzzo, IT $25.00/Btl
Chateau Macard—Bordeaux, FR $29.00/Btl
Biggio-Hamina Pinot Noir—Willamette, OR $39.00/Btl
Campagnola Ripasso Valpolicella Classico—Veneto, IT $40.00/Btl
Auguste Antonin "Cuvee' Farigoul" Cotes du Provence$7.50/Gls$30.00/Btl
Soft, dry and perfect for a hot day!
Montefresco Prosecco—Veneto, IT $34.00/Btl
Borgo Maragliano Moscato di Asti—Piedmont, IT $39.00/Btl